Physical Activity Level (PAL)

The PAL, also achievement conversion, describes the amount of energy that is needed in addition to the metabolic rate in order to achieve physical performance.It is decisively influenced by the physical activity of the respective person. The measurable value of the activity is called the PAL value. Even light activities such as sitting, standing or office work increase the achievement conversion. Heavy physical work or endurance sports significantly increase the daily energy demand.


PAL factors for different activities



1,2just sitting or lying Old, frail people
1,4 - 1,5almost exclusively sitting, little leisure activities  Writing activities, students
1,6 - 1,7predominantly sitting, with additional standing / walking activities Motorists, laboratory technicians
1,8 - 1,9predominantly standing/  
walking activities
Salespeople, waiters, craftsmen, housewife/housekeeper
2,0 - 2,4physically demanding
professional activities
Miners, farmers, forest workers, high-performance sports