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State support

BAföG is the primary state support for financing the living costs of students.

Housing benefit is an option if BAföG is no longer possible. Housing benefit is a rent subsidy and is applied for at the housing benefit office of your city or municipality. The initial application can also be made online.

Students are eligible to receive the Bürgergeld during a leave of absence, in part-time studies or in doctoral studies. Otherwise, Bürgergeld is granted to students only under narrowly defined conditions. You can find more information here ►

Children of students have their own social benefit entitlements. You can find more information here  (only available in German at present).

Students with health restrictions and disabilities may have additional entitlements to state aid. You can find more information here ►.

Before applying for state benefits, international students should check whether they are eligible to receive them with their residence permit. Students with a residence permit "for study purposes" may have problems with the further approval of their residence permit when applying for it.

The Social and Financial Advisory Service will be happy to advise you on any questions relating to state aid.