Psychosocial counselling

Studying can be a fascinating time with many new experiences. However, it can also bring stresses that you may not always feel up to alone. If you have personal or study-related difficulties, you are not alone. Many students experience mental crises and psychological problems in the course of their studies. Then it is good to be able to get professional support.

A team of experienced psychologists will advise you in the psychosocial counselling service.

We help you with:

  • learning and working blockages
  • anxieties (e.g. exam anxiety)
  • difficult social situations (e.g. stress in relationships, compatibility of job and studies)
  • isolation and contacting problems
  • self-worth issues
  • depressive states
  • addiction problems and so on

Often a few open conversations with a neutral person are enough to see clearly again and to rediscover one’s strengths. In addition to individual counselling, we also offer counselling for couples.

Individual appointment

You can also come to our open consultation hour without an appointment for the first contact and have the opportunity to describe your situation in a 25- to 30-minute conversation. Together with the consultant, you will develop a perspective for further action.

 Open office hours

If it becomes clear during the consultation that there is an indication for an outpatient psychotherapy, we will explain the further psychotherapeutic treatment options and support you in contacting the appropiate offices. In our information on outpatient psychotherapy you will also find a first overview of the available options.

This offer is for free. Of course lecturers, relatives, friends, and fellow students may also contact us if they are worried about a student.

Any information about you is subject to discretion and data protection.

In addition we offer various group sessions on subjects of exam anxiety, self-organization and so on.