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mensaVital – fresh and delicious!

mensaVital is a project of the Studierendenwerk working team. A team of cooks, diet cooks, diet assistants and nutritionists have developed the trademark system of the menu plan.

This is a dish standing for fresh, well-balanced and modern meals. It proves that healthy nutrition is fresh and delicious.

“You eat with your eyes first” The individual menu components are not only coordinated by taste, but also by colour and this in the most appealing way.

mensaVital stands for a fresh, well-balanced and modern food.

A mensaVital lunch corresponds to the energy demand of an adult at the age of 19-65 with a predominant sitting activity (Physical Activity Level (PAL)= 1,4).
This meal’s energy value is limited to 750 kcal. To guarantee this standard, the recipes are under strict observation.

mensaVital – principles:

  • nutritional, well-balanced combination of ingredients
  • vitamin-preserving and low-fat preparation
  • contribution to the DGE campaign “5 per day”
  • daily changing offer of fish, meat, vegetarian and vegan dishes in a balanced relation
  • renunciation of fried and breaded meals
  • fresh and natural ingredients
  • use of fresh herbs instead of seasoning mixtures

You can find further information about mensaVital under

mensaVital at Studierendenwerk Frankfurt am Main

Daily changing mensaVital dishes at

See for yourself and visit one of the facilities. Convince yourself of mensaVital.

Enjoy your meal!