Financing of studies

Studying costs money

If your parents do not provide any educational support, you should first have your entitlement to BAföG ► checked. 

You may also be eligible for other state aid such as housing benefit or Bürgergeld. We recommend that you have your entitlement checked, especially if you can no longer receive BAföG in principle, if you have children or suffer from a health condition.
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A bursary is not only linked to good performance. In addition to social commitment, political orientation or religious denomination, there are many other criteria. Searching for lesser-known foundations can also pay off.
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A part-time job is essential for many students in order to earn a living. A good student job also provides an opportunity for professional orientation.  
What to consider with a student job ►

A study loan or credit can help to finance your studies. However, even with the "classics" of education loans ► and KfW student loans, future cost developments are difficult to predict due to the variable interest rate. A favourable and easily calculable alternative is the
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There are various forms of help and support available for financial bottlenecks and debts. The sooner you seek help, the better.
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Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you!  

For BAföG our BAföG counselling ►  

For all other options, our social and financial counselling ►