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Frequently asked questions

Any student, employee as well as university guest is welcome in the Studierendenwerk facilities (canteens, cafeterias, cafés).


According to the Studierendenwerk law, only students of Hessian universities who pay their Studierendenwerk fees can receive a lunch discount. The reason behind this is we receive our financial means through the semester fees of Hessian students as well as through Hesse. That is how we can offer them meal discounts.

All the others (employees, university guests, non-Hessian students) must pay the normal employee charge for a lunch.

The prices for all other products (snacks, beverages, sweets, ice cream, rolls etc.) are the same for all our guests.

In all canteens and cafeterias we offer a vegetarian and vegan meal every day. We also recommend the many salad variations in our cafeterias and cafés.

We also offer vegan bread rolls, vegan sandwiches and vegan salads.

We are working on expanding this offer. Unfortunately, there are not so many vegan ingredients and recipes that are actually suitable for large kitchens. Some recipes would be so labour-intensive to implement that they are unfortunately unsuitable for canteens. We are happy to receive recipe suggestions, but ask for your understanding that not all of them can be implemented for the reasons mentioned above.

Since 1998 we offer fair-trade coffee from Darboven at our canteens, cafeterias and cafés. Its name is “Kaffee-Pott”. The fair trade’s goal is to enable hardworking small farmers and plantation holders in Africa, Asia and Latin America to afford a humane living. For their products they need fair prices, which is guaranteed through fair trade.

MSC – Marine Stewardship Council – is a non-profit establishment that sets environmental standards for assessing and labelling exemplarily run fisheries. For a couple of years now, we have been MSC certified, which means any bought fish at our facilities that carries the MSC logo corresponds with the European regulations for sustainable fishing. More information is available under

Besides the MSC fish, we have also used organic products, such as organic whole eggs. A complete rearrangement to organic products would cause massive price increases for our meals. We cannot and will not expect this from our students; besides, it would not be accepted. Instead, we try to use environmentally appropriate, sustainable foods wherever possible. Whenever possible, regional providers are preferred because of short access routes.


We decided to offer a broad range. As a wide-range caterer we can only purchase products that our deliverers can offer.

The retail segment receives its products directly from the producers, which is why they receive cheaper purchase prices for larger purchase quantities. This is the reason they can sell their products cheaper. For some snacks in our range this is possible. We acknowledge that, but since we have to calculate facility and employee costs, we cannot sell our products for less.

For several years we have been purchasing regional products whenever possible. Many dairies cannot guarantee GMO-free products. Unfortunately, the milk’s origin is not always transparent.

Out of the following reasons, we chose Berchtesgarden dairy products: the products taste good, they are GMO-free (organic and conventional products) and the availability is great. The milk for the Berchtesgarden dairy products exclusively comes from Berchtesgarden Land, Chiemgau, Bad Tölz, Salzburger Land.

For example, in the past we had organic whole milk from a Hessian dairy. Unfortunately, the delivery did not work well, which means the dairy did not provide our deliverer with its products on time. Our deliverer could not fulfil or orders then.

Since we are convinced of the quality of the Berchtesgarden dairy products and have not yet found an equivalent alternative, we will stay with this brand for the moment.

More information about the dairy: 

The additives and allergens can be found in the menu plans of the Studierendenwerk Frankfurt am Main. You can find these on our homepage.


At most canteens and cafeterias you can find special offer counters with pizza, wok or barbecue meals. At many facilities all counters are open; at the others the barbecue and wok menus alternate weekly.


Price calculation for our dishes is based on the actual purchase of the food at the time of the planning of the offer. As a result, the prices of the daily menus are continually adjusted. During calculation, material and labor costs are also taken into account. We do not include any profit surcharges in our calculations.
The dishes of the special offer counters (pasta, pizza, grill, etc.) at the canteens and cafeterias, the intermediate catering offer (rolls, snacks, confectionery, etc.) and drinks are usually adjusted every three years.

Although the production may be more expensive, we exclusively receive our products from providers we have convinced ourselves from. All products undergo a strict incoming inspection. Shady discounters do not stand a chance.


The Studierendenwerk Frankfurt am Main supports an initiative of the Hessian state government to avoid large amounts of waste.
We call for the use of porcelain cups instead of paper cups in our facilities.
If you would like to take the hot drink you bought from us with you, you can pour the drink from the porcelain cup into the cup you brought with you. This avoids waste and protects the environment. A direct filling of cups brought along on our coffee machines is unfortunately not permitted for hygiene reasons.
Alternatively, we offer disposable coffee cups with a surcharge of 0.40 cents in our plants.
Our disposable coffee cups are made of FSC-mix paper with a renewable CPLA coating, consist of 100% renewable raw materials and are compostable in industrial plants.

Please contact us if you have any ideas, criticism or improvement suggestions. It is the only way to learn what we can improve. If concrete questions or incidents occur, please contact our division manager on-site. They will be happy to help you.