More reusable options in our canteens and cafeterias

We are aiming to make our canteens, cafeterias and cafes more sustainable. In order to do this avoiding and reducing waste is at the top of our to-do list. A special focus lies on single use packaging of take-away drinks and meals, which we have on the menu as they are frequently requested by students.

Our single use packaging is made from environmentally friendly materials; nevertheless, resources are needed to manufacture the packaging and waste is generated when the packaging is disposed of. In addition, European law also enforces to offer a reusable packaging option for take-away food and drinks from 2023 onwards.

To facilitate this transition we already started testing new ideas for our range of reusable packing for take-away drinks and meals in summer 2022 - always with the aim of finding a solution that uses as few resources as possible, is budget friendly for our guests and practical and durable when used by a large catering facility.


We are selling a reusable lid for coffee cup which costs EUR 4.00. The lid fits our porcelain coffee mugs and Latte Machiatto glasses and allows guests to turn them into to-go-options in no time at all.

We have deliberately chosen this system because it allows us to make the best possible use of the resources we already have – our crockery – and there is no need to manufacture new cups, just the lids. The lid is made in Germany and is made of 100% silicone.

Our popular take-away salads are also available in returnable bowls with a tight-fitting lid.

In this case as well, we use our existing glass tableware to save resources; only the lid is specially made. In addition, the bowl is not only food-safe, but also very stable and thus meets our demand of a long-term use.

The total deposit is EUR 5.00 per take away.

In order to nudge our guests to do without single use packaging as far as possible and to raise awareness of the problem of long-term costs arising from packaging waste, there is a surcharge for single use packaging.

The single use to-go coffee cup including lid costs 40 Cents more. The to-go Foodbox-Set, which has room for one dish, costs EUR 1.00 more, including up to two side dish boxes. An additional small Foodbox costs 50 Cents more.