Semester ticket – hardship fund

Students in Frankfurt am Main automatically pay a certain fee for the semester ticket within their semester contribution. With this ticket almost all kinds of public transportation can be used within the Rhine-Main transportation association (RMV). ICE, IC, and EC trains are excluded.

If certain circumstances occur, Goethe University students can apply for refund at the hardship fund of the Studierendenwerk Frankfurt am Main. The entitlement to use the AStA semester ticket expires with the refund.

The application can only be made online for these reasons for refund►

Click here to go to the application portal►

The hardship fund administration is led by the Studierendenwerk Frankfurt am Main on behalf of the Goethe University AStA. The hardship fund office will answer any questions you may have about the refund.

Telephone: 069 798 23088

Please note the limitation period for the application!

You can find more information about the Semester Ticket and the area of validity on the website of the AStA of Goethe University►

You can find the currently valid statutes here►