KfW student loan

Identity legitimation and electronic activation

We are a sales partner for the KfW Student Loan. You can submit the documents for electronic activation of current KfW Student Loans to us by e-mail, in person or by post. You must come in person to verify your identity for new applications. Please contact the Social and Financial Advisory Service.

For financing your entire studies or longer study periods

The KfW Student Loan bears interest from the beginning of the disbursement phase. The entire loan term can be arranged flexibly. A monthly disbursement of between EUR 100 and EUR 650 is possible up to the 14th semester; the disbursement amount can be adjusted if necessary. The student's own income and assets or those of his/her parents/spouse are irrelevant; collateral does not have to be provided. Applications can be submitted up to the 10th semester and up to the age of 44. Funding is also available for second degree courses, postgraduate courses and doctoral studies.

Repayment begins 18 months after the last payment. There is an option to start repayment early. In principle, the repayment rate must be at least high enough to pay off the student loan in 25 years.

We recommend that you contact us for information on conditions and possible alternatives before taking out a loan.

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The repayment calculator► helps you to calculate the costs.

For advice on the KfW Student Loan, please contact the Social and financial advisory service
Telephone: 069 798 34906,