Which forms and documents are required to apply for benefits under the AFBG?

For part-time courses:

  • Form A (application)
  • Form B (certificate)
  • Form Z (confirmation of the admission requirements)
  • ID copy (front and back)

For full-time courses:

    • Form A (application)
    • Appendix 1 to Form A (information on income and assets)
    • Form B (certificate)
    • Form Z (confirmation of the admission requirements)
    • Certificate of health and long-term care insurance for the duration of the training
    • ID copy (front and back)

      For married couples:

      • Appendix 2 to Form A (income statement of the spouse)

      When updating the spouse's income:

      • Form D

      For foreigners:

      • Appendix 3 to Form A (supplementary sheet for foreigners)

      For funding during the examination preparatory phase:

      • Form G (application)
      • Proof of the examination application including the confirmation of the examination date

      In case of support for material costs incurred for the Master's Certificate Project / Specialist Thesis:

      • Form M (application)

      If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact your responsible office.

      Application for AFBG (Aufstiegs-BAföG) online!

      Data Protection Declaration regarding the AFBG online application

      If you do not want to submit the application online, you will find all form sheets here.