Leave of absence due to maternity/ parental leave or care

The Hessian Enrollment Regulations state that “students can be granted leave during maternity leave, parental leave, or for relatives in need of care”.

You are entitled to a maximum of 6 semesters on leave for pregnancy, maternity leave, and parental leave. Seek consultation with your study guidance or faculty for advantages and disadvantages prior to the application of a semester on leave or part-time studies and make a decision afterwards.

Conditions for a leave of absence

  • Semesters of leave due to maternity/ parental leave can only be applied for with a medical certificate or the birth certificate.
  • The application must be handed in by 1st April (summer semester) and respectively by 1st October (winter semester) at the university.
  • A leave of absence does not excuse from paying the semester fee.
  • A retrospective leave of absence cannot be granted for a completed semester.
  • During the leave of absence you keep your student status.
  • BAföG is not paid during during the leave of absence – but perhaps ALG II. More information can be found here.