Jobs and taxes/ social security obligation

For the complex topic “jobs and taxes/ social security obligation” we summarized the most important information in the following overview: Tarife und Einkommensgrenzenoverview rates and income limits for students.

In general, marginal employees are subject to pension insurance since 1st January, 2013. One may be exempted from this upon application. Here you can find more information.

The so called mini jobs can be done as

  1. permanent jobs (maximum 450 euros per month) in a commercial area or in private households
  2. short-term jobs (during semester break)

Employments with a monthly pay of 450,01 to 850 euros beyond this are called midi jobs. Gradually increasing social security contributions must be payed (so called glide zone).

If you enroll in studies besides your current employment, you may be subject to special matters regarding social security. Helpful information is waiting for you at pay information.