Apartment search

Finding affordable accommodation in the Rhine Main area, particularly in Frankfurt or Wiesbaden, is not an easy task.

Studierendenwerk Frankfurt operates residences in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Rüsselsheim and Geisenheim. You are welcome to apply for one of our rooms, but please expect to have to wait. Therefore, it makes sense to apply while you are still living at home. You can find all the necessary forms and information here►

Private landlords advertise rooms or flats/apartments for students at our Westend Campus advising centre. Visit us anytime.

Many students live in shared flats, which works out cheaper. There are various links on the Internet that will help you find a room in a shared flat ("WG").

You discover other living space offers www.wohnraum-gesucht.de


Information on temporary accommodation in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Rüsselsheim and Geisenheim can be found here►